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Citizen of the Year Results' Naomi Yamamoto

Story From The Record Searchlight,  Photo courtesy of Redding Chamber of Commerce


Help for Carr Fire victims, teachers, the underprivileged and a will that moves others to get involved are but a sample of what Naomi Yamamoto has done for Redding.


“Honestly, working with her for years, she just gets so many people to get involved who might not otherwise,” said Judy Salter, a former Citizen of the Year winner and retired CEO of Turtle Bay Exploration Park. “She builds pride in our city by every action she takes. I am just really honored to be her friend.”


Yamamoto was honored Friday night as the 2018 Redding Citizen of the Year.

The award capped the Redding Chamber of Commerce Legends & Leaders Gala at the Sheraton Hotel.


The Citizen of the Year award is sponsored by the Record Searchlight.


"Without (Yamamoto), Redding would literally be a duller and less compassionate place," said Silas Lyons, the newspaper's executive editor, introducing her Friday evening. "Her involvement and impact are enormous, even though she personally keeps a low profile."

Salter, who won the award in 2012 and spoke before Friday’s event, said her friend has worked tirelessly to make Redding a better place.


“I know that Naomi represents the very best that Redding wants to be and can be,” Salter said. “She is always community first. She leads with the heart but follows up with a business sense and organization to get things done.”


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